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Imac Pro with Applecare+ until February 2023 - $3,700 


Imac Pro with Applecare+ until February 2023
Purchased from the Apple Store a little over a year ago with AppleCare+ until February 2023.

Mint condition. Still has plastic on the base. Applecare+ has over two years left. It expires February 11th, 2023 and goes with the computer to the new owner. This has the optional space grey trackpad (no mouse).

It's been great while for working from home Video Editing and doing VoiceOver, especially since the fans almost never turn on and when they do, they are whisper quiet. The speakers are great too. I rarely need my audio monitors.

Apple iMac Pro 27"- Retina 5K
8 Core Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz Processors
32 GB Memory
8GB Vega 56 Video Card
Mac OSX : Mojave
Apple Space Gray keyboard and Trackpad

The computer flash storage will be wiped and I will restore it to a fresh install of Mojave. I will supply the serial number to verify Applecare+ with Apple and you can double check it against the serial number in the "About this Mac" in the OS and factory engraved on the base of the iMac Pro.

New base model is almost $6000 with tax and Applecare+. That's if you can even find one available. Save some dough and buy this one instead.

Imac Pro with Applecare+ until February 2023 - $3,700 
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